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LAMATEK manufactures a wide variety of flexible foam parts and adhesive backed foam products. Our specialty tapes, gaskets, and foam products can also be found by industry here.

Foam Tapes

Adhesive foam tapes for mounting and fastening, sealing, gasketing and cushioning. Foam tapes are custom cut to width.

Gaskets & Seals

Gaskets manufactured from a wide variety of materials designed to fit your application. Products designed to keep air, liquid, heat, cold or even noise in or out.

Weatherstripping Tapes

Foam and sponge tape designed specifically to perform in weatherstripping applications.


Manufacturers and designers of customized packaging for delicate products or extreme shipping environments.


Sticky back bumpers protect cabinets, doors, and floors from scuffing, vibrations, impacts, and more. Compare to 3M™ Bumpons.

High Bond Tapes

Very high bond strength tape adheres to virtually any substrate for lifelong performance. Used for industrial strength mounting, sign construction and displays, building and more.

Roll Goods

LAMATEK can provide your small to medium business with pre-laminated rolls of foam, film or rubber to fit your customers' needs.
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